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Cosmonautics Day 2019

ISS-Reshetnev Company is celebrating Cosmonautics Day.

Cosmonautics Day is one of the main professional holidays for ISS-Reshetnev Company whose history and business for almost 60 years are inextricably linked with the design, production and testing of satellites, satellite systems and complexes. Over the years the company has built and successfully launched into space more than 1270 satellites for communications, navigation and geodetic purposes. As of today, a hundred satellites built by ISS-Reshetnev Company account for 2/3 of Russia’s operational orbital fleet.

In the run-up to the Cosmonautics Day and on April 12 ISS-Reshetnev Company is celebrating this holiday and awarding its best employees with various prizes. More than 200 people received certificates of appreciation and letters of gratitude from the company, ROSCOSMOS State Corporation, local authorities, mayor of Zheleznogorsk, legislative assembly and governor of the Krasnoyarsk region. Apart from that, ISS-Reshetnev employees who made outstanding contributions to the company’s success received titles “Distinguished veteran of labor” (62 people), “Best young employee” (47 people), and medals “Mikhail Reshetnev” (15 people). Fifteen more ISS-Reshetnev specialists were awarded commemorative medals “15 years of the Republican Center for Space Communication” from ISS-Reshetnev Company’s customer from Kazakhstan.

On the occasion of Cosmonautics Day ISS-Reshetnev Company is also holding a series of educational, cultural and sporting events, including the III Art Festival, a children creativity competition “My space”, a chess tournament, athletic running and many others.