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ISS-Reshetnev Company to showcase at ARCHIMEDES-2019

ISS-Reshetnev Company is going to showcase its latest inventions at the 22nd edition of Moscow International Inventions and Innovative Technology Salon ARCHIMEDES, which will take place on March 26-29, 2019.

At the annual technology salon ISS-Reshetnev Company will present four cutting-edge solutions: a multifunctional satellite communications system, method of launching satellites to the geostationary orbit using electric propulsion engines, method of producing thin-wall waveguides rectangular in section, and a spacecraft umbrella antenna.

The multifunctional satellite communications system is designed to provide fixed and mobile communications on two types of orbits for Russia’s informational security and independence. The method of launching satellites using electric propulsion engines helps bring heavy satellites to the geostationary orbit – the farthest and most commercially viable one – when lifting capabilities of launch vehicles and their upper stages are not enough. A method of producing thin-wall waveguides is used for the manufacture of complex-shaped lines that ensure high quality of signal transmission. An umbrella antenna is used on satellites and is intended to form high energy narrow beams and enable data exchange with other spacecraft, rockets, upper stages, etc, as well as relay navigation signals, environment monitoring data and many others.

All ISS-Reshetnev Company’s inventions to be presented at Moscow International Inventions and Innovative Technology Salon ARCHIMEDES-2019 are protected by patents and focused on the implementation and use in the rocket and space industry.

Moscow International Inventions and Innovative Technology Salon ARCHIMEDES is held every year under the support of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Presidential Executive Office, government agencies and non-governmental organizations of Russia. The main goal of the exhibition is to stimulate inventive, patent-licensing and innovation activities; development of the market for the results of intellectual activity, provide support in promotion of new products and services.