JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

ISS-Reshetnev’s achievements on display in Space Pavilion

Models of ISS-Reshetnev-built satellites are exhibited in the new Cosmonautics and Aviation Center which opened as part of the renovated Space Pavilion at VDNKh, Moscow.

ISS-Reshetnev Company’s unique and long track record in designing and building satellites for a wide range of applications is presented in the Space Pavilion at Moscow-based VDNKh exhibition (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy). The Space Pavilion, which opened its doors to visitors on April 13 after extensive restoration, includes full-scale models of Express-A, Express-AT1, Loutch-5A, Glonass-K and Geo-IK satellites.

Satellite models which ISS-Reshetnev Company built specially for the new Cosmonautics and Aviation Center demonstrate ample opportunities that satellites and space technologies can provide to benefit social and economic development of Russia. For instance, satellites of the Express fleet (built by ISS-Reshetnev Company for the national satellite operator RSCC) make reliable satellite communications and broadcasting services available to millions of users both in Russia and other countries.

Central stage of the Space Pavilion is taken by a full-scale model of the Loutch-5A data relay satellite. Hanging high under the dome of the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center, Loutch-5A symbolizes close ties between manned and unmanned exploration of space.

Another two models – those of a Glonass-K and Geo-IK satellites – provide visitors with an insight into achievements made by ISS-Reshetnev Company in the field of satellite navigation and geodesy.

The Cosmonautics and Aviation Center is Russia’s and world’s largest museum dedicated to space. Having a total area of 27 700 sq. meters, it includes more than 120 exhibits, 2 000 archival records, photo and video materials. The center is capable of welcoming up to 20 000 visitors every day.