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Express-АМ44 spacecraft is shipped to the launching site

Express-АМ44 spacecraft is shipped to the launching site

On Express-АМ44 spacecraft was shipped to Baikonur launching site by air. A team of the JSC “Academician M.F. Reshetnev” Information Satellite Systems” specialists will initiate pre-launching procedures.

Express-AM44 spacecraft is designed for providing fixed and mobile communication, digital broadcasting, multimedia services and data relay, as we as mobile government and presidential communication. The satellite carries 16 transponders of Ku-band, 10 of C-band and 1 of L-band. Similar to Express-АМ33 spacecraft, it differs from satellites of Express-АМ family with the use of steerable antennas of Ku- and C-bands. Launching mass of satellite is 2532 kg, lifetime is 12 years.

Express–АМ44 spacecraft is manufactured at the JSC “ISS” in July 2008. Because of changing the launch date, the spacecraft was put for storage.

In order to reduce the time of preparation for the spacecraft launching, its fuel tanks were filled with fuel components in December 2008 in Baikonur.

It is planned that Express-AM44 spacecraft will be injected into orbit in February coupled with Express-MD1 spacecraft (Khrunichev State Cosmic Research and Production Center).