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ISS-Reshetnev Company announced its 2018 year results

ISS-Reshetnev Company held a meeting of the Science and Technical Council.

Attendees of the meeting which was chaired by Nikolay Testoyedov, general director of ISS-Reshetnev Company, Doctor of Engineering, discussed results achieved by the company in 2018 and its plans for 2019.

In 2018 seven satellites designed and built by ISS-Reshetnev were launched, including two Glonass-M satellites, two satellites of the Blagovest family, and three satellites for secure communications.

In his report Nikolay Testoyedov mentioned the company’s stable growth in volume of production – at 15-20%, and it enabled the company to raise wages of its employees offsetting inflation which was at the level of 4.2%.

To the list of ISS-Reshetnev’s main achievements of the year 2018 Nikolay Testoyedov included the new Integration and Assembly Facility (MIK) which was commissioned in operation, and a dormitory that the company built for its young employees who hadn’t got their own accommodation yet.

In 2018 ISS-Reshetnev Company also made a big step towards deeper and more effective cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences having agreed to start up a joint Research and Educational Center with a view of solving special research tasks set by the President of Russia.

Within the framework of the meeting a special award ceremony took place for those ISS-Reshetnev employees who earned State Prizes in 2018. Eight people were awarded with Medals “In recognition of space exploration”, five specialists got the Russian Federation Government Prizes in the field of science and technology, seven ISS-Reshetnev employees received presidential scholarships.