JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Glonass-M enters service

A new navigation satellite, Glonass-M, designed and built by ISS-Reshetnev Company, has been commissioned for operational use.

The Glonass-M satellite entered service following the successful completion of on-orbit flight tests. During three weeks since its launch that took place on March 16, the operating organization jointly with ISS-Reshetnev Company have been monitoring the satellite’s subsystems and undertaking critical orbit and attitude control manoeuvres.

Glonass-M replaced another satellite of the GLONASS constellation which had outperformed its designed lifespan and had been transferred to on-orbit spares.

With Glonass-M now healthy and operational in orbit, the GLONASS constellation embodies 27 satellites, including 24 operational satellites, two on-orbit spares, and one satellite undergoing flight tests.