JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

AMOS-5 commissioned to customer

ISS-Reshetnev-built telecommunications spacecraft AMOS-5 has been commissioned to its customer – the Israeli satellite operator Space-Communication Ltd.

Having been launched last year, on December 11, the AMOS-5 spacecraft has already completed the full cycle of in-orbit tests. Within a three-month period the foreign specialists were exercising control over the satellite with the technical support provided by Information Satellite Systems team. ISS-Reshetnev not only assisted Spacecom specialists, but also taught them how to command and control the satellite, since they were only used to working with its simulator.

Today the foreign customer is in charge of managing the satellite. But it does not mean, though, that ISS-Reshetnev specialists no more have any responsibilities. As long as AMOS-5 operates in orbit, they will provide backing and maintenance support to the spacecraft. At the request of the Israeli company all operations can be carried out from the reserve mission control center located at ISS-Reshetnev’s facilities. In case any unwanted situation occurs that is not covered in operation documents, Information Satellite Systems team is to identify and eliminate the problem.

When AMOS-5 was under construction, Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems provided the Israeli operator’s experts with the general information concerning satellite design, testing and operation. Upon completion of the program Spacecom representatives received certificates confirming that they had obtained necessary knowledge and skills needed to work with the craft.

The telecommunications satellite AMOS-5 shows flawless in-orbit performance and offers communications and broadcasting services in its slot over Africa and Israel.