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Meeting on the development of television and radio broadcasting

Meeting on the development of television and radio broadcasting

the Reshetnev Company hosted a meeting on the realization of the program dedicated to the development of television and radio broadcasting of the Russian Federation for the years 2009-2015. Participants discussed issues related to ISS-Reshetnev’s work under this program.

A joint delegation consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, the Federal Communications Agency, the Federal Space Agency and the national satellite operator Russian Satellite Communications Company arrived at ISS-Reshetnev to hold the meeting. The participants discussed the current progress in the manufacture of telecommunications satellites which are being produced with the aim of developing television and radio broadcasting in Russia.

Nikolay Nikiforov, minister of communications and mass media, giving a talk at the meeting stressed the importance and strong demand for satellite communications and modern telecommunications services such as television distribution and the Internet in Russia. That is why the state is interested to improve technical specifications of spacecraft and increase their active lifespan. Nikolay Testoyedov, general designed and director general of ISS-Reshetnev, in his turn, reported to the delegates that the Reshetnev Company constantly strives to improve technical specifications and performance of its products. In recent years effectiveness of space information systems has increased more than tenfold. To get the message across more clearly, Nikolay Testoyedov contrasted the number of transponders and service life of the Express-A and Express-AM5 satellites. Express-A was launched into orbit in 2000, while the Express-AM5 spacecraft is currently under construction at ISS-Reshetnev. Chanel capacity has improved considerably. Apart from that, satellite-based services have become more available to users due to the fact that ground receiving antennas have become smaller in diameter. Nikolay Testoyedov also said that ISS-Reshetnev constantly conducts research into new technologies such as Ka-band antennas, and implements them in satellite production in order to increase competitiveness of Russian-made telecommunications spacecraft.

The Reshetnev Company is currently manufacturing five middle-class and heavy-class telecommunications satellites of the Express-AM and Express-AT series for the national operator RSCC. Participants of the meeting were taken on a tour of ISS-Reshetnev’s facilities and received a good opportunity to see how work under these contracts is done.