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Glonass-M №55 safely delivered to cosmodrome

Glonass-M №55 safely delivered to cosmodrome

The Glonass-M №55 navigation spacecraft, developed and built by ISS-Reshetnev Company, was shipped off to the Plesetsk launch site

The delivery went as planned and now the satellite is being prepared for launch at the Plesetsk cosmodrome.

The Glonass-M №55 is equipped with the experimental payload capable of transmitting signals in the L3 frequency band. The experiment will include flight testing of the new equipment and evaluation of the accuracy characteristics. Used together with signals in the L1 and L2 bands, L3 is intended to increase competitiveness of the whole GLONASS navigation system.

Glonass-M №55 will be sent to space aboard a Soyuz-2.1b / Fregat launch vehicle on June 14, 2014. It will be the second launch in the interest of the global navigation system GLONASS since the beginning of this year. Additionally, another trio of Glonass-M spacecraft is to augment the constellation till the end of 2014.