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ISS-Reshetnev in search for new advanced materials

A seminar dedicated to the recent advancements in the field of space materials science took place at ISS-Reshetnev Company on May 12-14.

The seminar on the applications of recently developed materials to the satellite building industry was held for ISS-Reshetnev experts by representatives of NIIKAM company (The Research and Development Institute of Space and Aviation Materials from the city of Pereslavl-Zalesskiy).

NIIKAM delegates presented a number of innovative solutions which could help considerably improve characteristics of satellite antennas and solar arrays. Significantly, some of the materials presented at the seminar have been developed through long-standing cooperation between ISS-Reshetnev and NIIKAM company. ‘For us, material engineers, it’s very important to work closely with satellite designers to know what properties new materials have to exhibit. That’s because designers have a deep knowledge and understanding of satellite characteristics and, thus, can specify requirements for materials to be developed. It explains why half of our projects are joint efforts between us and ISS-Reshetnev Company,’ said Vasiliy Aristov, general director of NIIKAM.

Joint initiatives and projects between ISS-Reshetnev and NIIKAM have resulted in the development of a wide range of carbon fiber materials and adhesive films which are on par with the world’s best solutions implemented, for example, in the manufacture of high-precision antenna reflectors. Additionally, the two companies have successfully developed film materials intended for satellite thermal control subsystems.

Following the results of this three-day seminar, ISS-Reshetnev specialists have already proceeded to studying the feasibility of application of new materials to the company’s future satellites. According to ISS-Reshetnev’s satellite designers, the company is particularly interested in polymers that are used in reflecting surfaces of antenna reflectors working in the optical spectrum, and shape-memory materials.