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ISS-Reshetnev Company completed antenna development project

ISS-Reshetnev engineers have completed the development of new technologies for the production of high precision antenna reflectors and ground testing of large-sized satellite structures.

The new technologies were introduced by the Reshetnev Company as part of the Kemchug development project ordered by the ROSCOSMOS State Corporation.

One of the new technologies is intended for use in the production process of shape-generating molding tools for high precision antenna reflectors. This new composite tool will replace those made from invar which are currently used at the company. Test samples of polymer composite molding tools and reflectors made with the help of them proved that when fully applied at the company this new technology will help achieve greater accuracy of satellite antennas. Additionally, reflectors’ manufacturing costs can also be reduced.

Another technology developed by ISS-Reshetnev Company within the framework of the Kemchug project represents an automated zero-gravity system employed in tests involving deployment of large-sized satellite structures. The system is suitable for testing antenna reflectors up to 24 meters in diameter and solar arrays not exceeding 100 square meters. The zero-gravity system enables simulation of actual space weightlessness conditions during complex ground testing of large-sized structures.

The new tools and product test samples developed by ISS-Reshetnev under the Kemchug project have already successfully completed acceptance tests, the results of which have been approved by the ROSCOSMOS State Corporation.