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Express-AT1 and Express-AT2 successfully pass in-orbit testing

The two telecommunications satellites, Express-AT1 and Express-AT2, both designed and constructed by ISS-Reshetnev Company, have completed the key milestone of in-orbit testing with flying colours.

Express-AT1 and Express-AT2 which were launched together on March 16, 2014 from the Baikonur cosmodrome, had their payloads and service systems’ modules checked out at the geostationary orbital slot of 69.5 degrees East longitude.

The Express-AT1 spacecraft has been already delivered to its intended orbital position of 56 degrees East longitude and handed over to the customer to carry out its mission. Express-AT2, in its turn, will reach the desired orbital slot of 140 degrees East in late May. Following the delivery, the spacecraft will be handed over to the customer and commissioned into service.

The Express-AT1 and Express-AT2 telecommunications spacecraft are intended to provide fixed and mobile satellite communications, data transmission, high-speed Internet access, direct-broadcast television services to the territory of Russia and neighboring countries.