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ISS-Reshetnev takes part in X International Navigation Forum

Representatives of Information Satellite Systems – Reshetnev Company attended the X International Navigation Forum which took place in Moscow on May 11-13.

The forum participants discussed a large number of issues focusing on the development of navigation technologies and particularly Russia’s system GLONASS, as well as the application of satellite navigation services in various economic fields and domains.

At one of the forum’s sessions dedicated to “Satellite navigation: space-based systems, augmentation systems and international cooperation” head of ISS-Reshetnev Company’s Moscow office, executive director of Non-profit organization “Association GLONASS/GNSS-Forum” Vladimir Klimov made a report on the current status of the GLONASS system’s orbital constellation. As of today, it consists of 28 navigation satellites and another one satellite is due to be launched into orbit later this May. Vladimir Klimov also mentioned that seven more Glonass-M satellites were stored at ISS-Reshetnev’s facilities waiting to augment the system. It is a so-called GLONASS system’s ground spares reserve that guarantees stable functioning of the system enabling new satellites to be launched within the shortest possible time. Currently the company is working on next-generation navigation satellites with a view of improving their technical characteristics and enhancing the performance of the whole GLONASS system.

As part of the X International Navigation Forum a prize-giving ceremony took place to recognize outstanding achievements in the field of satellite navigation. Nikolay Bondarev, specialist of the department for the design of navigation and geodetic satellites at ISS-Reshetnev Company, was awarded a prize “For contribution to the formation and development of the GLONASS system”.