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Express-AM8 begins its journey to final destination

ISS-Reshetnev team has completed the main in-orbit flight testing program on the telecommunications satellite Express-AM8.

The Express-AM8 satellite was launched on September 14, 2015 into an orbital position of 80.15 degrees East longitude to undergo a series of in-flight tests. By now, the satellite has been successfully checked out, everything went according to plan.

When the main test program was over, Express-AM8 began to move along the geostationary orbit to its final slot of 14 degrees West. There the ISS-Reshetnev team will perform final testing of the satellite’s platform and payload leading to its commissioning and commercial use.

The telecommunications satellite Express-AM8 was designed and built by ISS-Reshetnev Company around its medium-class platform Express-1000HTB under a contract with the Russian Satellite Communications Company. Equipped with 42 transponders operating in the C-, Ku- and L- frequency bands, the satellite is intended to provide a wide range of communications services carrying out its mission in orbit for at least 15 years.