JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

ISS-Reshetnev’s session at international conference

ISS-Reshetnev Company organized and held a series of special sessions within the framework of the 22nd International Science Conference Reshetnev Readings-2018.

The three-day session dedicated to large-sized foldable structures of satellites was held at ISS-Reshetnev Company’s facilities on November 13-15. It brought together more than 100 attendees representing 26 companies, universities and research institutions of Russia.

At the sessions a total of 67 research papers were presented, more than half of them were presented by attendees from other cities. Topics covered in these papers included various aspects of designing and building large-sized foldable structures of satellites, such as manufacturing processes of antenna reflectors, solar arrays and deployment drives, as well as research and testing of measuring instruments and materials intended for use in space.

Attendees of the “Large-sized foldable structures of satellites” session were also given a unique opportunity to visit ISS-Reshetnev facilities where they got acquainted with the company’s extensive capabilities in manufacturing and testing of satellites’ structures and subsystems.