JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

JSC ISS will build Express-AM5 and Express-AM6 for RSCC

The Russian state satellite operator RSCC and the JSC “Academician M.F. Reshetnev” Information Satellite Systems” have signed a contract for the supply of the Express-AM5 and Express-AM6 satellites.

According to the terms of the contract signed on August 12, 2009 the JSC ISS will design, develop, manufacture, test and perform in-orbit commissioning of the Express-AM5 and Express-AM6 satellites. The payload modules for the spacecraft will be supplied by the Scientific Research Institute of Radio (NIIR).

The new satellites will be built by the JSC ISS-Reshetnev jointly with the NIIR and Thales Alenia Space to meet the domestic needs within the scope of Russia’s Federal Space Program set up to 2015. The spacecraft will provide the country with the necessary telecommunications infrastructure and accessible multi-program digital television and radio broadcasting. The Express-AM5 and Express-AM6 satellites will also promote mobile presidential and governmental communication, multimedia services (telephony, videoconferencing, data relaying, the Internet) and VSAT networks.

The Express-AM5 satellite will be positioned in GEO at 140° E. The satellite is expected to orbit for 15 years. It will carry 30 C-band transponders, 40 Ku-band transponders, 12 Ka-band and 2 L-band transponders. The payload power consumption will be 14 kW.

The Express-AM6 satellite will occupy the 53° E geostationary slot. It will run for 15 years with the payload power consumption no less than 14 kW. The satellite will accommodate 14 transponders in the C-band, 44 transponders in the Ku-band, 12 transponders in the Ka-band and two in the L-band.

Both satellites are scheduled for launch in 2012.