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Gonets-M satellites in service

Three new Gonets-M satellites, designed and built by ISS-Reshetnev Company, have been accepted into service in orbit.

The Gonets-M personal communications satellites were launched on September 28, 2020 and now, following the positive results of their in-orbit flight tests, they have been commissioned into the orbital constellation of the Gonets-D1M system.

ISS-Reshetnev specialists together with the representatives of the satellites’ operating company have carried out numerous tests on the satellites’ onboard subsystems, performed orbit corrections and checked-out the satellites’ payloads. The results obtained proved that three new Gonets-M satellites were ready for operation.

Satellites of the Gonets-M series are intended to provide fixed and mobile communications services in remote and hard-to-reach regions where land networks are in poor condition or do not exist at all. They are also used for the collection and transmission of reference data for the GLONASS navigation satellite system.

The nominal orbital constellation of the Gonets-D1M system consists of 12 satellites.