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Nikolay Testoyedov: Farnborough-2014 went as expected

The Reshetnev Company has taken part in one of the world’s largest aviation and space exhibitions – Farnborough International Airshow.

During Farnborough-2014 which was traditionally held in London on July 14-20, ISS-Reshetnev demonstrated to the global business community its recent advances and new promising developments in the field of space science and technology.

The company showcased models of satellites that had been built around its advanced satellite platforms: a data-relay satellite of the Loutch family, a powerful telecommunications satellite Express-AM5, a small scientific satellite Yubileiny and a next-generation navigation satellite Glonass-K. As well as that, there also was a full-scale model of Gonets-M satellite on display. Designed and produced by ISS-Reshetnev, these satellites are intended for Russia’s multifunctional LEO system for personal communications GONETS-D1M.

Signing a framework agreement with SODERN, a French company that has been delivering high-tech optical sensors for ISS-Reshetnev’s satellites for more than 15 years to date, became one of the key moments of the busy week at the Farnborough Airshow. These instruments are integral part of almost every satellite as they are used for satellite attitude determination.

“Having signed this framework agreement, we specified a long-term supply plan of instruments for each of our projects as well as negotiated and agreed on the price. By doing so, we demonstrated our commitment to maintaining and further developing our long-term stable partnership with SODERN,” said Nikolay Testoyedov, Director General of ISS-Reshetnev Company.

Nikolay Testoyedov led ISS-Reshetnev delegation at Farnborough-2014 and confirmed that the company had had a successful week. “We have met with our foreign and Russian partners. We have made everything we planned,” he added.

The Farnborough International Airshow is one of the world's most iconic global aviation and space industry events. It takes place once every two years in Great Britain and provides a platform for networking within the global business community and demonstrating the most recent advances in the domain. The Reshetnev Company regularly participates in the event.