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Gonets-D1 satellite – 19 years in orbit

To date, the Gonets-D1 №14 satellite, developed and built by ISS-Reshetnev Company, has been operating in orbit 12 times longer than it was initially anticipated.

Gonets-D1 №14 is one of the first satellites of its series and turned out to be the “longest-living” one. It was launched into orbit on February 19, 1996. Gonets-D1 satellites were designed with a 1.5-year active lifespan.

Gonets-D1 satellites are intended to provide communications and data transmission services to polar latitudes and remote regions with poor infrastructure.

In total, over the period from 1996 through to 2001 nine Gonets-D1 satellites had been launched into orbit. Most of them completed their missions successfully having significantly outlived their projected lifespan.

Today ISS-Reshetnev Company builds and launches into orbit modernized personal communications satellites Gonets-M that feature increased active lifespans and more frequencies. In a separate development, the company is focused on designing next-generation and more advanced satellites of the Gonets-M1 series.