JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

V Innovation Forum

Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems is taking part in the V Innovation Forum which will take place on November 20-21 at Zheleznogorsk-based Industrial park.

At this year’s edition of the forum which is dedicated to “Cooperation for innovation-driven growth”, ISS-Reshetnev Company will demonstrate its recent products, solutions and technologies made with the use of composite materials. The company’s exhibition stand will showcase large-sized foldable reflectors for orbital antennas, and a satellite’s main structure with a metal composite xenon tank.

The forum participants will also have an opportunity to see a full-scale model of a personal communications satellite Gonets-M. Satellites of this series are designed and built by the Reshetnev Company and form the backbone of the multifunctional communications LEO system Gonets-D1M. The system provides communications services to users in remote areas and regions with poor infrastructure.

The plenary session of the forum will be focused on the discussion of trends and changes occurring in the marketplace and cities as a result of technological development. Nikolay Testoyedov, general director of ISS-Reshetnev, will speak at the session while a number of other ISS-Reshetnev representatives will take part in panel discussions and roundtables to share their expertise and knowledge in the field of engineering education, cooperation strategies, technological platforms, etc.

Young ISS-Reshetnev specialists will also participate in the youth sessions of the forum. They will take part in panel discussions to speak about how the innovation cluster affects small and medium-sized high tech businesses in Zheleznogorsk and discuss the role Youth innovative activity centers play in the development of cooperation between the regions.