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ISS-Reshetnev specialists win government scholarships

Two ISS-Reshetnev engineers currently undertaking post-graduate studies were granted special scholarships by the Government of the Russian Federation for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Government scholarships were granted to Dmitriy Nedorezov, programming engineer, and Ivan Zimin, design engineer. Both of them are post graduate students at universities that ISS-Reshetnev Company partners with in strategic projects.

Russian Federation Government scholarships are awarded to students who are pursuing PhD degrees and doing deep research into top-priority and promising areas thus contributing greatly to the modernization and technological development of Russia’s economy. ISS-Reshetnev engineers won these scholarships for their excellence and impressive results in scientific and teaching activities. Their work and research papers have significant practical effects and are frequently published in leading scientific journals.

Dmitriy Nedorezov is undertaking post graduate studies at the Siberian Federal University in the field of photonics, optical systems and biotechnology. His research is closely connected with testing of onboard radio electronics and can help considerably increase reliability of satellites.

Ivan Zimin is undertaking post graduate studies at the Siberian State Aerospace University with a specialization in the aviation, rocket and space technology. His research interests coincide with his professional area of expertise – design and development of small satellites.