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Technology Platform NISS and Rostelecom sign an agreement

The Technology Platform “National Information Satellite System” – an association coordinated by ISS-Reshetnev Company, signed a strategic partnership agreement with Rostelecom.

The document was inked by the Technology Platform NISS and Rostelecom in Moscow during the VUZPROMEXPO-2017 exhibition and forum.

The parties agreed to make coordinated efforts and work jointly to meet objectives and goals of Rostelecom’s innovative development program and the Technology Platform’s strategic research initiatives. These include but not limited to joint analysis, development and implementation of Russian technologies and solutions in the field of satellite communications and remote Earth sensing.

Under the agreement, Rostelecom plans to actively cooperate with the companies – members of the Technology Platform NISS – specializing in the design, development and manufacture of spacecraft and associated products, equipment and software which can have positive profound effects on the development of Russia’s satellite communications and the availability of satellite services to millions of people across the county’s vast territory. The company will act as an expert in both current and future years’ markets of space technologies and services, including digital services, geospatial systems, remote Earth sensing, precise positioning, voice communications, and broadband internet access. Companies – participants of the Technology Platform NISS, in their turn, will share their expertise, asses the way Rostelecom develops its technologies, and provide assistance in personnel training.

The Technology Platform “National Information Satellite System” is a private-public partnership which helps bring together the government, business, industry and academia joining their efforts to support innovative development and modernization of Russia’s economy. The platform unites around 120 leading industrial companies and research organizations working together to build and use advanced space-based systems and complexes, as well as to increase Russia’s presence in the global satellite communications market. Rostelecom is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Russia and Europe, active in all communications services markets.