JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

NPO PM is one of the representatives of the Krasnoyarskij region at the International Investment Forum “Sochi-2007”

Being one of the participants of the Krasnoyarsk exposition, the Reshetnev’s NPO PM during the is going to take part in the VI International Investment Forum “Sochi-2007”.

As a part of the united exposition “The scientific and innovative potential of the Krasnoyarskij region” the NPO PM is going to demonstrate new models of space equipment produced in the Siberian region to the benefit of the national economy and the defense capability. In the center of the exposition will stand a full-scale model of the perspective spacecraft GLONASS-K which is being developed by the NPO PM specialists and which is to modernize the Global Navigation Satellite System GLONASS. Restoration and development of the navigation system were specified by the Federal Target Program of Russia. This way, making a satellite the enterprise puts into realization tasks of the national significance.

Within the bounds of the Forum “Sochi-2007” a new project of the Krasnoyarskij region - the Center of Space Data Treatment - is to be represented. The project is realized by the Reshetnev’s NPO PM jointly with the Siberian Federal University. The Center will be developed on the basis of the university where NPO PM will be a general partner. One of the main data providers will be the GONETS-M spacecraft which was developed and produced by NPO PM. The GONETS-M spacecrafts are to transmit digital data, provide e-mail services, and give information concerning user terminals’ positioning with the help of GPS/GLONASS systems.

To NPO PM the International Investment Forum “Sochi-2007” is a significant event. As the organizers of the Forum say, in time it has become a congress for the Russian and foreign businessmen, since it has united facilities of the enterprises of different regions and countries in favor of the Russian economics. This is a chance for the Krasnoyarskij region and its leading enterprises including the Reshetnev’s NPO PM, to demonstrate their achievements, innovative projects and to get into new business contacts.