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ISS-Reshetnev holds science conference for National Technology Platform members

ISS-Reshetnev holds science conference for National Technology Platform members

On November 20 Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems hosts the III Scientific Conference and the general meeting of representatives of companies which take part in the Technology Platform “National Information Satellite System”.

The Scientific Conference on the Challenges and long-term perspectives of information space-based systems is held as part of the Technology Platform activities. As a coordinator of this Technology Platform, ISS-Reshetnev has brought together more than one hundred of key figures from Russia’s leading high technology companies, academic institutions, authorities and business.

The main topics of the conference are advanced technologies and materials used in the manufacture of satellites, innovation-driven potential of cooperation between Russia’s leading universities, companies and the government in the aerospace industry.

The Technology Platform “National Information Satellite System” is a tool to foster cooperation between industrial companies and academia with a view to solving critical tasks occurring in the aerospace industry today. And such cooperation has already yielded positive results – “In total, during the time the Technology Platform has been running, i.e. 2011-2015 years, Russian companies and organizations have brought in budget investments of around three billion rubles”, said Nikolay Testoyedov, general director of ISS-Reshetnev Company and the Technology Platform president. Vladimir Pastukhov, a representative of the Inter-Agency Analytical Center and the conference moderator, in his speech emphasized that the Technology Platform “National Information Satellite System” is one of the top ten platforms in Russia.

The platform participants will also take part in the general meeting to discuss and sum up this year’s results and draft up a plan for 2016.

The Technology Platform “National Information Satellite System” is a forum for the aerospace industry experts to discuss, exchange ideas in the process of implementing innovative projects for the manufacture of advanced satellites and the provision of navigation, communications and geodetic services on their base. The platform’s central focus is on the development of breakthrough technologies in order to increase satellites’ and satellite systems’ capabilities, usefulness and applicability as well as to increase Russia’s presence in the world’s aerospace and telecommunications industries. As of today, the Technology Platform embodies more than 100 Russian companies and scientific organizations.