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“Express-AM33” is ready to go to the launch pad area

The Reshetnev NPO PM team working at the Baikonur Cosmodrome has prepared the satellite “Express-AM33” to go to the launching complex.

The telecom satellite “Express-AM33” is undergoing the final launch preparations at Baikonur. NPO PM specialists have carried out the spacecraft stand-alone validation at the standardized technical area T727.

On January 19, they finished assembling the ascent unit comprising the satellite, the nose cone and the booster. On January 21, the space mission rocket was assembled (docking the ascent unit and the launcher “Proton-M”).

The space mission rocket with the satellite “Express-AM33” on board is planned to move to the launching complex on January 25. The satellite is scheduled to launch into the geostationary orbit (to the point of 96,5 deg. east longitude) on January 28.