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The satellite “Ybileiny” goes to Plesetsk

On , the small spacecraft “Ybileiny” created at the Reshetnev Association of applied mechanics (NPO PM) was sent to the “Plesetsk” launch site.

The spacecraft “Ybileiny” was specially designed to signify the 50th anniversary of the first earth artificial satellite launch date. NPO PM created the satellite last year and now it is planned to orbit with a cluster of 3 satellites built under the contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense. The launch date is being specified.

This small satellite will maintain operational tests of the new spacecraft devices and systems and provide the worldwide radio amateurs with information about the history of space exploration and national astronautics.

The Association of applied mechanics was creating the satellite in cooperation with the Aerospace Engineering Laboratory (Kaluga), NPP “Geofizika-Kosmos” (Moscow), JSC “Saturn” (Krasnodar), Lavochkin NPO (Moscow), JSC “RPKB” (Moscow), Khrunichev GKNPC (Moscow), Siberian State Aerospace University (Krasnoyarsk).