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Best in their profession

Best in their profession

Information Satellite Systems – Reshetnev Company held a professional skill competition on March 19 to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the company’s instrument and printed circuit board production facility.

Ten ISS-Reshetnev employees took part in the competition in two professional categories: radio electronic instruments assembler and compound potting specialist. This year the part dedicated to compound potting skills was introduced to the competition for the first time.

Winners and runners-up of the competition were determined by total points scored through the practical part and theory test. When calculating points scored during the practical part, the jury took into account workmanship, actual time used, adherence to occupational safety and health requirements as well as production practices.

Valentina Ivanova and Natalia Berezina were named winners of the competition in the categories “radio electronic instruments assembler” and “compound potting specialist” respectively. A special quality prize was awarded to Anna Provatorova.