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ISS-Reshetnev’s part in ExoMars-2020 project successfully completed

ISS-Reshetnev Company completed work on the flight equipment under the international project of Mars exploration.

As part of the ExoMars-2020 project ISS-Reshetnev Company manufactured a complex of automation and stabilization of electric power supply system and the onboard cable system intended for the descent module of the ExoMars-2020 spacecraft.

The equipment and cable system underwent all necessary testing. ISS-Reshetnev specialists also carried out special sterilization procedures in accordance with international requirements to interplanetary missions.

All the equipment and onboard cable system produced by ISS-Reshetnev Company have already been delivered to their customer – Lavochkin Scientific-Production Association.

ExoMars-2020 is a joint project between companies of the European Space Agency and the ROSCOSMOS State Corporation aimed to carry out a number of important scientific investigations, including search for signs of past and present life on Mars, investigation of its atmosphere, surface and subsurface layers, exobiology and geochemistry research. Within the project the Russian party is responsible for the delivery of the descent module and landing platform, while the European one is tasked with the production of the carrier module and rover. After separating from the carrier module the descent module will bring the landing platform, scientific instruments and the rover to the surface of Mars. ExoMars-2020 is expected to launch in 2020.