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Reshetnev NPO PM participates the aerospace show

Since , the Reshetnev NPO Prikladnoi Mekhaniki participates the 47th International aerospace show in Le Bourget.

NPO Prikladnoi Mekhaniki participates the Le Bourget show as a part of the exposition of the Federal Space Agency representing itself as a prime of corporation “Information satellite systems” which is being established now. The delegation is headed by NPO PM general designer and general director Mr. Nickolay Testoedov. At the show the “star” company brings the demo models of the advanced satellites «Glonass-K», «Express-AM33», «Express-AT1», «Loutch-5A» in the 1:10 scale, and the satellite «Gonets-M» in the 1:5 scale. The company’s exposition draws great interest among the visitors and space industry specialists.

Within the frame of the Le Bourget show, the top managers of the company have some very important meetings with the foreign partners.

On June 18, following the negotiation results, the NPO PM general designer and general director Mr. Nickolay Testoedov and the Thales Alenia Space President and CEO Mrs. Pascale Sourisse signed two documents. The first one - Memorandum of Mutual Understanding – is addressing the cooperation for a new perspective telecommunication satellite. The second one is the Contract on the procurement of the repeater units for the multi-purpose space system «Loutch».

Mr. Anatoly Perminov, the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency, attended the signature procedure. The head of Roscosmos and the Thales Alenia Space Chief Executive Officer highly appreciated the cooperation between NPO PM and the French company. It is worth mentioning that both companies have been working together for 16 satellites.

According to Nickolay Testoedov, within the frame of the aerospace show NPO PM plans to hold the discussions and negotiations with other foreign partners.

On June 19, the heads of the companies-members of the corporation «Information satellite systems», visited the Thales Alenia Space device production facilities in Toulouse, on June 20, they visited the Thales assembly workshops in Cannes.