JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

New satellite test complex

ISS-Reshetnev Company kicked off installation of a new testing complex at its Integration and Test Facility.

The new complex dedicated to satellite ground testing is being built at Phase 2 Integration and Test Facility, the company’s largest and most technologically advanced facility.

The Integration and Test Facility, which is under construction now, will provide thermal-vacuum test operations for satellites. With two chambers (2400 and 220 cubic meters) available, it will offer a wide range of performance capability, which can be matched to the individual test requirements of smaller test articles or large test article components – entire satellites. The unique facility will be able to simulate the environment of space systems and subsystems in extreme temperature conditions.

The new equipment will enable ISS-Reshetnev Company to boost its production and testing capabilities to build even more advanced satellites for Russia’s orbital fleet.