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The Aeroflex is coming to NPO PM

, the Reshetnev Association of applied mechanics is holding the meeting with delegation from the American company “Aeroflex”.

The representatives from “Aeroflex Colorado Springs” – an Aeroflex subsidiary in Colorado, and an electronic components manufacturer – have come to NPO PM to provide practical training.

Two companies meeting, first of all, is aimed at technical support of the microcircuits application, which are planned to use for the NPO PM satellites equipment; secondly – the managing director operations Anthony Jordan and business manager Jose Martins are going to present new projects developed by their company in 2007.

The Aeroflex Colorado subsidiary produces radiation-hardened microcircuits with large-scale integration ensuring the equipment long functioning in space. The two companies have been cooperating for 2 years.

The American microcircuits will be installed on the prospective data relay satellite “Loutch-5A/5B” developed at NPO PM which also plans to use them for the platforms “Express-1000” and “Express-2000” equipment.