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Results of the UN international satellite navigation workshop

The UN International Workshop on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems wrapped up on May 22 in Krasnoyarsk. ISS-Reshetnev Company had the privilege to host this event which had never been held in Russia before.

The workshop program was divided into nine sections which covered issues dealing with the formation and development of global navigation satellite systems, their infrastructures, and projects implemented by various countries in the field of the applications of navigation satellite services.

Delegates from more than 20 countries representing Asia, Africa, Europe, North and Latin America shared their expertise of implementing GNSS services and delivered presentations on current and prospect benefits that these technologies could bring to the social and economic development.

Today out of the six currently operated navigation systems only two – the Russian GLONASS and the U.S. GPS systems provide services to users globally, ensuring that these services are available anywhere on the Earth. One of the main topics of the workshop was centered around the joint use of GNSS in various countries. The workshop participants also put increased focus on the education and training issues in the field of the application of satellite navigation services.

As part of the workshop, all the delegates were taken on a tour round ISS-Reshetnev Company’s facilities. Being a prime contractor responsible for the space segment of the GLONASS system, the company demonstrated advanced Glonass-M and Glonass-K navigation satellites, communications satellites as well as its latest developments in the field of satellite construction technologies.

The five-day workshop resulted in the proposal to set up an international education and training center under the umbrella of the Reshetnev Company. Focused on specialist training in the sphere of the applications of satellite navigation services, the center will cooperate with the Vienna-based UN office, as well as regional centers located in Morocco, Nigeria, India, Brazil and China.