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Yamal-300K: progress of work

Yamal-300K: progress of work

Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems takes final steps under the Yamal-300K project.

As of today, the satellite has already undergone communications tests with the mission control center. The obtained results verified that the spacecraft receives command and control information to the full extent.

This week ISS-Reshetnev team conducted final deployment of the receive/transmit antennas, which proved their proper operation.

Now the satellite is subjected to the final high-frequency testing, which includes all the satellite’s systems being switched on and electro-radio components being checked for electro-radio compatibility.

In order to carry out all these procedures experts place the satellite into a special room – anechoic chamber. Inside it is covered with a radio-absorbing material which allows precise signal measurement to be obtained, eliminating signal reflection from the walls.

Representatives of Gazprom Space Systems, the customer of the Yamal-300K satellite, have taken part in all stages of the project. Upon completion of high-frequency tests they will make conclusions about the satellite’s compliance with the characteristics specified in the contract.