JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Professional skills championship of the rocket and space industry

ISS-Reshetnev employees are to take part in the professional skills championship held by the ROSCOSMOS State Corporation.

Sixteen specialists will represent ISS-Reshetnev Company at the 2nd Industry-wide Championship “Young professionals of ROSCOSMOS 2017” in accordance with the international WorldSkills standards. The event will take place on June 23-29 in Samara at the PROGRESS Rocket and Space Center.

Ten ISS-Reshetnev employees will take part in the championship and compete in six skill categories, including “Engineering graphics CAD”, “Lath work on CNC machines”, “Milling work on CNC machines”, “Welding technologies”, “Electronics” and “Prototyping”. The rest six ISS-Reshetnev employees will work as part of the expert commission tasked with preparing the competition tasks and having a close eye on the competitors while they perform their tasks.

The “Young professionals of ROSCOSMOS 2017” Championship is an elimination round of the National High-technology Cross-industry Professions Championship WorldSkills Hi-tech 2017 which will take place this autumn in Yekaterinburg.