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ISS-Reshetnev presents inventions at ARCHIMEDES-2020

ISS-Reshetnev Company is to present its inventions at the International Moscow Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies, which will take place on March 24-27.

This year the company is going to showcase three inventions already protected by the Russian Federation patents: “Device of electromechanical coupling between movable elements of the structure”, “Method of controlling the geometry of large objects”, and “Method to ensure uninterrupted cooling in chiller systems with closed liquid cooling loop”.

The “Device of electromechanical coupling between movable elements of the structure” is intended for use in satellites’ foldable mechanical systems such as solar arrays. The “Method of controlling the geometry of large objects” is intended for use not only in space-related products, but also in engineering construction based on GLONASS and other satellite systems. The “Method to ensure uninterrupted cooling” solves the task of simple and reliable equipment protection in case of electrical power interruption.