JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Successful launching of the “Yubileiny” small satellite

On at “Plesetsk” Launching Site, the “Yubileiny” small satellite was successfully launched. The satellite was manufactured by the JSC “Academician M.F. Reshetnev” Information Satellite Systems” jointly with cooperative enterprises.

Launching the spacecraft into low circular orbit was implemented in normal mode. It was injected in a cluster satellites developed for the Russian Ministry of Defense. The Commander of Space Forces Vladimir Popovkin and the General Director and General Designer of the JSC “ISS” Nickolay Testoyedov were at the launching.

The “Yubileiny” small spacecraft was developed by the JSC “Academician M.F. Reshetnev” Information Satellite Systems” in cooperation with the Aerospace Vehicle Laboratory (Russia, Kaluga), RPE “Geofizika - Cosmos” (Moscow), the JSC “Saturn” (Krasnodar), Lavochkin NPO (Moscow), the Ramensk Instrument Building company (Ramensk), Khrunichev State Cosmic Research and Production Center (Moscow), and Siberian State Aerospace University (Krasnoyarsk). The motive for development of the “Yubileiny” small spacecraft was the 50th anniversary of the first space satellite. With the help of that satellite the new space systems and equipment are expected to get flight qualification, and radio-amateurs all over the world will be able to receive information on the history of space development and domestic cosmonautics achievements.

Aerospace Vehicle Laboratory SCC implements the satellite control. The similar Satellite Control Center is established in the Siberian State Aerospace University. The students and research engineers can receive and analyze the telemetry in cooperation with the specialists of the JSC “ISS”.

Development of “Yubileiny” small spacecraft with the mass of 45 kg signalizes the reactivation of Reshetnev’s company in the field of designing and manufacturing small satellites. Besides, “Yubileiny” is the first satellite developed on basis of non-hermetic platform. The launching is significant for the company because the satellite, manufactured at the enterprise, was injected into orbit by “Rokot” launch vehicle. So, the launching technology of that class satellite was tested.