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Government award for Express-2000 platform

A team of ISS-Reshetnev specialists has won the Russian Federation Government award in the field of science and technology.

The prize was awarded to Victor Kosenko, first deputy general director – general designer, Yuriy Vygonskiy, deputy general designer, Andrey Yakovlev and Alexander Akimov, heads of departments, Vadim Shkolnyi, chief designer for the design and testing of radio electronics, Alexander Lebedev, head of the instrument production department, Gennady Shipilov, deputy head of department.

Such a prestigious award was given to ISS-Reshetnev specialists for the development and practical implementation in production of a standardized high-power satellite platform Express-2000 as well as for the production of advanced, competitive communications and telecommunications satellites on its base.

ISS-Reshetnev’s heavy-class Express-2000 platform enables the company to build high-throughput satellites with a 15-year active lifespan. Due to the use of the unpressurized technology, lightweight and highly precise structural elements it is possible to increase the useful payload carried by satellites.

To date ISS-Reshetnev Company has already built satellites around the Express-2000 platform: Express-AM5 and Express-AM6 satellites (which are currently the most powerful satellites in the Russian orbital fleet) and the Yamal-401 satellite. They provide a comprehensive range of communications and broadcasting services thus demonstrating advanced performance and technical characteristics of the platform used in them.