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ISS-Reshetnev chosen for ExoMars-2020 project

Information Satellite Systems – Reshetnev Company will take part in the ExoMars-2020 project.

Within the framework of the ExoMars-2020 project ISS-Reshetnev Company is tasked with the design, development and manufacture of the voltage automation and stabilization complex which is part of the landing module‘s electric power supply system.

The automation and stabilization complex represents an electronic unit intended to supply scientific payload of the landing module (lander) with electric power from primary (solar arrays) and secondary (storage batteries) power sources.

ISS-Reshetnev Company was chosen to take part in the ExoMars-2020 project having submitted its proposals to the Lavochkin Association which is responsible for the manufacture of the landing module for the scientific and research orbiter of the ExoMars-2020 mission.

ExoMars-2020 is an international project under which Russia is responsible for the design of the lander and surface platform. Once separated from the flight module, the lander will be used to deliver a rover and a platform equipped with scientific instruments to the surface of Mars. ExoMars-2020 is slated for launch in 2020.