JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Siberian space technologies on display at regional exhibition

ISS-Reshetnev Company’s technologies and solutions will be showcased at an exhibition at the Krasnoyarsk Museum Center.

One of the displays presented at the exhibition which is called “The room of labour” will be dedicated to the history and activities of the Reshetnev Company. The exhibition is to open its doors to visitors on December 24 at the Krasnoyarsk Museum Center.

“The room of labour” is designed to tell the story how the relations between workers and industrial companies have developed, giving a thorough insight into the way labour is organized in Siberia today and many other social and economic aspects. The exhibition will give its visitors an opportunity to see what changes have taken place in the Krasnoyarsk region’s history, culture and labour management over the past 100 years. ISS-Reshetnev Company takes part in the exhibition as one of the leading industrial companies of the region that contributes greatly to its social and economic development.

Among ISS-Reshetnev’s exhibits there will be a model of a next-generation navigation satellite Glonass-K and a number of other products that the company develops and produces, such as the multilayer insulation, radar-reflecting metallic mesh for foldable reflectors, three-layer honeycomb panel, polymer honeycomb cores, satellites’ load-bearing structures and assemblies.