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ISS-Reshetnev’s satellites arrive at launch site

ISS-Reshetnev’s satellites arrive at launch site

Loutch-5V and KazSat-3 satellites, designed and built by the Reshetnev Company, were successfully shipped to the Baikonur cosmodrome on

Everything went according to plan. The spacecraft were transported in a dedicated container large enough to accommodate two middle-class satellites. The high-tech container comes complete with environmental regulation to monitor and keep the humidity and temperature just right for the spacecraft.

The ISS-Reshetnev team will soon begin pre-launch preparations. Loutch-5V and KazSat-3 are scheduled to launch aboard a Proton-M / Breeze-M rocket in late April.

Loutch-5V is the third spacecraft of the multifunctional data-relay system Loutch intended to provide communications between ground control segments and low-orbiting spacecraft, launch vehicles and their upper stages. The satellite was built as part of Russia’s Federal Space Program for the years 2006-2015.

The KazSat-3 telecommunications satellite is designed to provide a comprehensive, highly proficient range of services such as communications, television broadcasting and high-speed Internet access to millions of users in Kazakhstan and some neighboring countries. The spacecraft was developed and manufactured by ISS-Reshetnev Company under the contract with the Republican Center of Space Communication (Kazakhstan).