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Electrical testing of TELKOM-3

TELKOM-3 undergoes electrical testing at ISS-Reshetnev

The Reshetnev Company has commenced electrical testing of the TELKOM-3 telecommunications satellite.

Electrical tests on the TELKOM-3 payload module are in full swing. The satellite’s subsystems including the onboard control will be tested in the second place. After that the whole satellite will be subjected to complex electrical verification.

At the next stage the satellite will undergo multiple thermal vacuum and vibration tests to verify its readiness for launch.

The TELKOM-3 telecommunications satellite is being built by the Reshetnev Company for the Indonesian satellite operator PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. Within the framework of the TELKOM-3 program ISS-Reshetnev is responsible for the manufacture and in-orbit delivery of the satellite. The company will also provide a ground control segment as well as on-orbit support and training services to the customer.