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NPO PM is preparing to participate the aerospace show MAKS-2007

On , the Reshetnev Company will participate the 8th International aerospace show MAKS-2007.

NPO PM regularly participates the International aerospace show held in the near-Moscow city of Zhukovsky. MAKS is one of the major world forums allowing to demonstrate the up-to-date level of the hi-tech developments and to strengthen the international cooperation in the aviation and space field.

Being a major Russian space company, the Reshetnev NPO PM demonstrates to the world community the advanced and prospective spacecraft, at the MAKS show. As a part of the exposition of the Russian Federal Space Agency and of the Russian Space forces, the Company will show 8 demo models: communications satellites «Express-AM33» and «Express-AT1», relay-satellites «Loutch-5A» and «Loutch-5B», navigation satellites «Glonass-M» and «Glonass-K» in the 1:10 scale, and the “electronic mail” type satellite «Gonets-M» in the 1:5 scale. Besides, for the first time, the full-scale model of a satellite «Glonass-K» will be demonstrated which will be launched in 2009 according to the Russian Federal Purpose-oriented program aimed at developing and affective usage of the global navigation satellite system GLONASS.