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Journal of Technology Platform NISS included in Higher Attestation Commission list

The industry scientific and technical journal published by the Technology Platform NISS (supervised by ISS-Reshetnev Company) received a status of an official publication of the Higher Attestation Commission at the Russian Federation Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Published by the Technology Platform NISS, the “Spacecraft and Technologies” journal is now included in the peer-reviewed scientific publications list of the Higher Attestation Commission. This new status allows for papers published in the journal to be accepted for the awarding of Candidate of Sciences and Doctor of Sciences degrees in 11 groups of aerospace professions.

The journal is issued quarterly. It provides a platform for the exchange of information on recent manufacturing and research advances in the field of rocket and space technologies, new materials and applications of space technologies.

The Technology Platform “National Information Satellite System” (NISS) is a private-public partnership which helps bring together the government, business, industry and academia joining their efforts to support innovative development and modernization of Russia’s economy. The platform unites around 120 leading industrial companies and research organizations working together to build and use advanced space-based systems and complexes, as well as to increase Russia’s presence in the global satellite communications market.

The Technology Platform NISS has been publishing its scientific and technical journal since 2012. Previously, instead of “Spacecraft and Technologies” it was called “Research of naukograd”.