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Achievements of ISS-Reshetnev employees recognized by the City

Portraits of ISS-Reshetnev Company employees will be showcased on the electronic recognition board of Zheleznogorsk.

Three ISS-Reshetnev Company employees – Natalia Efremova, Yan Sherikhov and Alexey Skomorokha – among other 20 citizens of Zheleznogorsk will be included in the city’s 2019 electronic recognition board for their achievements and outstanding contributions to the company’s and city’s success. The recognition board can be found on the official website of the Zheleznogorsk Administration.

Natalia Efremova, head of the patent information department, is a leading ISS-Reshetnev Company specialist in the field of intellectual property protection and rights. As an expert, working jointly with the authors of inventions, she has prepared more than 500 patent applications. The largest part of those inventions is successfully patented now. Natalia Efremova is the author of four inventions and a co-author of several published papers. She has been awarded with a Honorary Certificated granted by local authorities, a Mikhail Reshetnev medal granted by the Russian Cosmonautics Federation and a Honorary Title “Honorary Veteran of Labor of ISS-Reshetnev”.

Yan Sherikhov has been working at ISS-Reshetnev as a CNC operator at the department of ground products and instruments for more than 10 years. He makes complex parts that require high accuracy of machining and surface characteristics, writes programs for dedicated tooling applied on work places dedicated to the assembly and testing of satellites which helps considerably speed up their production. His unconventional approach to making parts of tooling for the company’s new Assembly, Integration and Test Facility allowed for saving of more than 300 000 roubles. Yan Sherikhov for many times has become a top-ranked winner of ISS-Reshetnev Company’s professional skill competitions, and also was ranked among top ten participants at the National WorldSkills Professional Skill Competition in Yekaterinburg in 2015. For his numerous achievements, Yan Sherikhov received a Letter of Appreciation from the governor of the Krasnoyarsk region.

Alexey Skomorokha, head of the technology division at the automation department, joined ISS-Reshetnev Company in 2007. With more than several hundreds of technologies and control programs for complex parts attributable to him, Alexey Skomorokha has made substantial contribution to the company’s revamping and modernization. His work and efforts allowed for increasing the quality of products and shortening their production time. Alexey Skomorokha was awarded an Honorary Title “Best young employee of ISS-Reshetnev Company” and a Letter of Appreciation from the ROSCOSMOS State Corporation.