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TELKOM-3 arrives at Baikonur

TELKOM-3 arrives at Baikonur

The telecommunications satellite TELKOM-3, built by ISS-Reshetnev for the Indonesian operator PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk., has arrived at the Baikonur cosmodrome to undergo pre-launch preparations.

Upon satellite’s completion and prior to its shipment to the spaceport, the customer’s representatives visited Information Satellite Systems. The delegation was led by the project manager David Bandung, who said that ISS-Reshetnev team was making their job very professionally through all stages of satellite’s development.

Spacecraft’s shipment to the launch site is not less demanding than its production and testing. It is highly important to maintain specific conditions and to avoid any chances of external damage during transportation. For these purposes a special container is used, which represents a sophisticated engineering solution enabling temperature and humidity to be preserved at certain levels. As well as that, it is fitted with a control system that helps monitor the environment inside the container.

The satellite was carried by one of the world’s biggest cargo transport aircraft – Ruslan. In the nearest time ISS-Reshetnev team is going to commence preparations for the spacecraft’s launch.

TELKOM-3 is to be inserted into orbit in tandem with another satellite. Launch is scheduled for July this year.