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A satellite for the GLONASS system goes to cosmodrome

A satellite for the GLONASS system goes to cosmodrome

A navigation satellite Glonass-M №52 left ISS-Reshetnev Company’s facilities in Zheleznogorsk and has already arrived at the Plesetsk launch site.

Glonass-M №52 is one of the GLONASS system’s ground spares. It was built by ISS-Reshetnev Company more than two years ago and was stored at the company’s facilities waiting for launch. Prior to flying to the cosmodrome Glonass-M was thoroughly tested and prepared for transportation – ISS-Reshetnev technicians used multi-layer insulation and special cases to protect the satellite’s sensitive equipment from damage during transportation.

Glonass-M №52 was loaded in a special container and flown to the Plesetsk cosmodrome on an IL-76 aircraft accompanied by ISS-Reshetnev specialists. The satellite is due to launch in September.

There are currently six Glonass-M satellites in the ground reserve of the GLONASS navigation satellite system. All of them were constructed by ISS-Reshetnev Company in strict compliance with contract terms and are now stored at its facilities. Each of these satellites is on standby for launch and can be shipped out to the cosmodrome whenever the need to augment the GLONASS orbital constellation arouses. As for Glonass-M №52, it will replace a retired long-lived satellite which carried out its mission in orbit 1.5 times longer than it had been initially supposed to do.