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Subpanel meeting of the ROSCOSMOS Scientific and Technical Council

ISS-Reshetnev Company is hosting a subpanel meeting of the ROSCOSMOS Scientific and Technical Council.

The meeting has its topic as “Problems of the technical and technological development of the rocket and space industry and experimental capabilities” and attracts key figures from the companies that are part of the ROSCOSMOS State Corporation, as well as equipment providers and Russia’s leading universities.

The meeting attendees are to discuss today’s status, challenges and future opportunities of rocket and space industry. ISS-Reshetnev experts are going to present a number of reports talking about how the company’s production facilities and technological expertise are developed and also sharing best practices of cooperation with universities.

Program of the two-day meeting at ISS-Reshetnev also includes a tour round the company’s production and testing facilities. With 12 workshops, more than 170 test benches and 1280 pieces of equipment, ISS-Reshetnev’s facilities are widely known to be the most comprehensive and diverse among all ROSCOSMOS companies. The meeting attendees will also have an opportunity to visit ISS-Reshetnev’s newest assembly, integration and test facility. It was commissioned in 2018 and incorporates the most cutting-edge technologies for the assembly and ground testing of satellites and other space-related products and technologies.

The Scientific and Technical Council of the ROSCOSMOS State Corporation is a standing advisory body dedicated to providing scientific, methodological, information, analytical and expert support for the ROSCOSMOS Corporation. Nikolay Testoyedov, general director of ISS-Reshetnev Company, is one of its members. Yuri Koptev is chair of the Council.