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Glonass-K successfully launched into orbit

The next-generation Glonass-K satellite (№11) built by ISS-Reshetnev was successfully launched into orbit from Plesetsk

The satellite was delivered into the designated orbit by a Souz-2.1b / Fregat launcher. It has deployed its solar arrays and antennas successfully and started sending telemetry data. All the satellite subsystems are functioning properly. “The launch of the Glonass-K satellite is not only a step towards the improvement of the accuracy of the GLONASS system but also a switch to its multifunctional performance“, said Nikolay Testoyedov, general designer and general director of the Reshetnev Company.

The Glonass-K satellite is based on ISS-Reshetnev’s Express-1000K unpressurized satellite platform. The satellite mass is 935 kg. By comparison with its predecessor, the Glonass-M spacecraft, the new navigation satellite is designed to have an increased lifetime and a more powerful electric power supply subsystem.

Glonass-K will transmit the new code division multiple access civil signal at the GLONASS L3 frequency to ensure high-accuracy navigational data. Besides, it is designed to perform some additional functions. In particular, the satellite is equipped with an additional COSPAS-SARSAT search and rescue payload.