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Thermo-vacuum tests on Loutch-5A

Thermo-vacuum tests on Loutch-5A

ISS-Reshetnev has completed verification tests on the thermal model of the Loutch-5A data relay satellite.

The Loutch-5A spacecraft has been designed to have a principally new thermal control subsystem. The platform structure and the PLM structure are made from honeycomb panels with embedded heat pipes. Tests conducted in the vacuum chamber allowed ISS to reproduce the environment of space with its variations in temperature. Verification results have shown that ISS-Reshetnev’s new thermal control subsystem is capable of providing the required thermal conditions for all the spacecraft elements.

At present the Reshetnev Company is manufacturing a model for dynamic tests. These will include vibration, acoustic and load tests to verify the satellite’s tolerance to various “actual” loads that the spacecraft will experience during transportation and launch, as well as tests on the satellite’s antenna & feeder systems.

The Loutch-5A data relay spacecraft is intended for the multifunctional space relay system Loutch. It has been designed to relay data from low-flying spacecraft, launchers and their upper stages as well as manned space complexes, including the Russian segment of the International Space Station.