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ISS-Reshetnev welcomes COM DEV UK

ISS-Reshetnev welcomes COM DEV UK

A delegation from COM DEV UK visited Information Satellite Systems (ISS-Reshetnev) in Zheleznogorsk from 23 to 25 of June.

It is the first visit for representatives of COM DEV UK to ISS, so the visit was focused on ISS production facilities. The delegation visited components and waveguide machining workshop, plating facilities, Payload AIT facility, large foldable structure facility, where the guests could see the activities being performed on the current projects, as well as ISS new products and technologies.

Colin McLaren, COM DEV UK Technical Director, appreciated the level of ISS production facilities and processes used by ISS‑Reshetnev. “What I have seen in ISS it is an eye-opening experience for me. I am impressed by the quality and level of the production facilities which we visited. It is true that in the world there are a few companies, if any, which can manufacture such antenna products”, said Colin McLaren.

ISS and COM DEV UK had several meetings on further cooperation in the field of space products.

Building on the MOU that was signed between COM DEV UK and ISS in December 2014 the visit provides the progression on what will be a long and prosperous relationship.